AEM Assists with Tough Turbine Decisions

While we love keeping turbines running sometimes other options must be explored. All Energy Management (AEM) assists turbine owners with making hard decisions on repairs and upcoming costs. AEM was approached by an early E-3120 series turbine owner in October 2017 regarding repair options. Upon visiting the turbine site AEM diagnosed a large amount of costs associated with getting the turbine safely operable again. AEM offered both a repair and a removal option.

The owner decided the economics of the situation did not justify the necessary repair work, especially since other large costs might appear in future years. While we wished this Chesapeake, Maryland site could continue producing for years to come, we also know some situations warrant turbine removal and the exploration of alternative energy solutions.

AEM removed the turbine in two days and assisted with shipping and storage of the turbine and tower. All Energy can repair, service, and advise when tough decisions appear regarding necessary work and other options.

We know the decisions facing turbine owners regarding maintenance and repair costs are difficult, and pride ourselves on seeing the whole picture of a turbine and the machine’s economics so we can appropriately advise on available options.

In need of some help making tough decisions with your turbine? Our turbine technician experts can assist.