Founder of AEM Named Installer of the Year

Ian Sleger, Founder of All Energy Management, received the 2018 Small Wind Conference installer of the year. This award is bestowed annually on one individual who exudes dedication and enthusiasm in promoting and furthering the small wind energy industry.

Since 2005 the yearly Small Wind Conference  serves as an opportunity for wind energy distributors, installers, manufacturers, and dealers to gather. In addition to providing the opportunity for over 50 businesses to interact, learn, and stay up to date on the small wind industry this conference is touted as the premier small wind conference in the United States. Attendees come from all over the U.S. and world.

On April 10, 2018 Ian Sleger was recognized for his outstanding achievements, customer service, and contributions in the small wind industry. His innovations, and partnerships (such as for a new E-3120 series turbine bed plate design and install) has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in small wind and created new solutions capable of addressing both routine and large maintenance concerns.

To work with All Energy Management and find out first hand why Ian Sleger is a leader in the small wind industry please contact us.