E-3120 Turbine Bedplate Swap

On May 4, 2018 All Energy Management (AEM) performed the first ever aftermarket shaft and bed plate install on an E- 3120 Turbine located North of San Francisco. The turbine was installed in 2011 and had over 1 million KWH. The cracked bed plate was welded twice as a “bandaid solution,” but when the crack propagated the decision was made to swap the bed plate due to safety concerns. Performing this swap in three days, AEM minimized downtime and ensured the turbine received a clean bill of health.

A serious and common issue on the E-3120 turbine series is bed plate fatigue, and the manufacturer used by AEM hails their product as a long term solution to this issue. Their bedplate underwent accelerated fatigue testing, and passed the twenty year mark with no issues. They also have a five year warranty on their aftermarket products.

To date, AEM is the only small wind company to perform an aftermarket install on both the shaft and bed plate for this turbine. They currently work with the only manufacturer in the industry that has developed, produced, and tested a suitable replacement for these parts for the E-3120 series turbine.

Contact AEM for more information on bed plate fatigue issues and replacement options. AEM has the means and expertise to perform these swaps in the US, UK, or anywhere else they may be needed!

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